Western compatibility report by Noah

  • Advanced analysis of compatibility and relationships based on your zodiacs. This reading compares the charts of two individuals and analyzes their psychological, emotional, intellectual and sexual compatibility. It will help you to discover your beloved ones in a new way.

  • We know this service may seem pricey. And we’d like to explain why. To get a sense of the current market, consider this:
    1) The average price of astrologer consultation in the US is 200$ per hour.
    2) Other apps start from $6 per minute (!) for a live chat with an astrologer.
    3) The proper natal chart reading (that’s a base, often needed for other readings) takes at least 2-3 hours.
    Nebula is now a community of more than a million of astrology lovers.
    Given the volume of requests from our users, we have access to the top astrology talent across the globe, and leverage to negotiate the best possible price for you.
    If you still hesitate, no worries, take your time.

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