When you access our Website we automatically collect from your device language settings, IP address, time zone, type and model of a device, device settings, operating system, Internet service provider, mobile carrier, hardware ID, Facebook ID, and other unique identifiers (such as IDFA and AAID). We need this data to provide our services, analyze how our customers use the Website and to serve ads.

For improving the Website and serving ads, we may share this data with third parties. Such parties include Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Appsflyer, Amplitude, Firebase. As a result of sharing this data with third parties we (1) analyze different interactions (what products our users have viewed); (2) serve ads (and show them only to a particular group of users, for example, to those who have added a product to a cart).

If you decide to make a purchase or to order a service on the Website, we will ask you to provide your email, name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. We will use this data to fulfil your order and to render a personalized service.

Please read our Privacy Policy below to know more about what we do with data (Section 3), what data privacy rights are available to you (Section 6) and who will be the data controller (Section 1). If any questions will remain unanswered, please contact us at nebula@gen.tech.